why you should be excited about summer ?

No sooner has Spring come and gone, we’re fast tracking our way into the next season. The season of sun, sea and um…sand? Whether you follow the meteorological or astronomical calendar; we’ve been in the mist of hot and humid temperatures for a few weeks now. It seemed only right to take a look at some of the reasons summer is the best season, and why we should get excited about it. From our latest clothing hauls, to spending hours in beer gardens with friends, there will definitely be something you can relate to in the latest list instalment.

1. Sunshine

We’re all a little unfamiliar with the big yellow ball in the sky, but the minute it appears, boy do we make up for it. Everyone walks around happy, some of us even strike up a conversation with strangers and we all rush to the nearest park to soak up the sun in our hour lunch breaks. The sun just puts everyone is such a good mood and that dose of Vitamin D is the perfect get up and go.

2. Summer wardrobe

We’ve been adding the latest smock dresses and sandals to our Summer wish list since the darkest depths of Winter, and we finally have a reason to hit the checkout button. Instagram won’t know what’s hit it with our freshest outfit of the day posts, our round straw bags and coloured sunglasses. The summer wardrobes are bursting, and the promenade on your sunshine getaway is your catwalk #SummerOOTD

3. Beer Gardens

Whether you’re a lover of something a little alcoholic or prefer something tee total, you can’t beat a beer garden in the Summer. It’s the place where happy memories are made, shoulders are occasionally burnt and a £20 jug of Pimms seems like a bargain. We gather our friends at the weekend and pitch up on a picnic bench or fall into any beer garden with space after a day in the office, it’s the ultimate way to wind down with the setting sun, and a sure fire way to get a resounding yes from everyone when someone asks what you should all do.

4. Festival Season

Once Coachella comes to a close, the most glamorous festival of all, it’s time for the gritty English festivals to start! It’s not a true festival experience unless you’re rolling in mud, getting soaked in cider while singing at the top of your lungs, and keeping yourself clean with wet wipes. Everyone should experience a proper English festival, at least once. It’s eye opening for sure, and something you’ll never forget.


5. Love Island

The ultimate guilty pleasure. As the first month of Summer swings around, as do the next group of singles all ready for a summer of love, while the rest of the nation watch. Some of us love it, some of us absolutely hate it, but I don’t think it truly feels like Summer until my news feed is flooded with people’s opinions on Hayley’s behaviour (I hope you all feel the same as we do!). In case you hadn’t guessed from the @jewellerybox twitter, we are big fans of Love Island.

6. BBQs

Is there anything better than a barbecue? Burgers, chicken wings, grilled peppers and halloumi, the list is endless, and that’s before you even hit the summer foods aisle in Marks and Spencer for odd flavoured crisps and dip. Whenever I get the faintest whiff of a barbecue, I’m ready to get grilling come rain or shine. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a barbecue under an umbrella.

7. Ice cream

Ice cream is an all round treat but I feel that it is much more acceptable to eat ice cream at any time of the day during summer. Breakfast? Have something fruity like a Solero. Lunch? A Cornetto will hit the spot. Dinner? A whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s in my old fave Cookie Dough. The ice cream limits know no bounds in summer.

8. Siestas

How good are afternoon naps in the summer? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we really need to incorporate siestas in the UK. There’s just something about settling down for a nap with the sun shining outside, the cold air from a fan on our skin and our head hitting a pillow. Tell me I’m wrong?!

What are your favourite things about the summer months?