how to have the ultimate pamper evening

Going out or staying in? It’s staying in for me. There’s nothing better especially after a busy day, than taking the time in the evening to de-stress and look after yourself – not only will you look and feel better but having a relaxing evening will improve your sleep quality too, so put down your phone and have the ultimate pamper evening.

Makeup removal:

I live by the rule that makeup comes off the minute I walk through the door.. Okay maybe 15 minutes after but pretty soon. I cannot relax with the days makeup on my face, so getting any makeup you have on off is the way to kick things off. After I remove my makeup I do my second cleanse to actually wash my face, and then go into the second part of the evening, the good old face mask and bath.

Face mask and bath:

There’s a reason when you’ve had a hard day that your mum always suggests a long soak, I’m pretty sure sitting in a warm bath and doing absolutely nothing has magical healing powers because I always feel so much better afterwards. To make the most of my time in the bath I always apply a face mask to give my skin that extra boost, be careful to use one that will still be able to set while in the bath, and that can stay on for the amount of time you’ll be in the bath for. (You don’t want to leave a clarifying one on for too long, and end up being a little tomato!)

Post bath beauty:

After washing off the face mask I apply my usual serum and moisturiser and make sure to moisturise my body, I’m so bad at body moisturising during the Winter but we’re coming into Spring and I’m better at this in the warmer months – probably as there is much more skin on show! I always remember how good it feels to have freshly shaved and moisturised legs when you get into bed, and that gives me the motivation I need. For the ultimate spa like experience I have a towel dressing gown, so whenever I get out of the bath or shower it feels like I’m living in my very own hotel – I got it for Christmas, it’s by far one of my favourite possessions and I’d recommend them for everyone.

Wind down time:

It’s unrealistic to suggest that anyone will go an entire evening without their phone (let’s be honest i spend my bath time catching up on people’s Instagram stories), but I like to have around 45 minutes before bed without it. My time without screens in the hour before I go to bed always revolves around reading; I like to have a book on the go constantly so I have that covered, but if you’re someone who isn’t fond of reading you could replace this with an audio book, magazine or podcast – just make sure to have your phone on night mode and not look at the screen while you’re listening!

I also find pillow sprays incredible, a spritz of lavender scented spray on your pillow will help to relax you and in turn send you off to restful sleep, and if you’re going the whole hog try a chamomile tea for the full sleep inducing experience.

The steps seem simple but if you imagine an alternate evening where you leave your makeup on until 5 minutes before bed, stare at your phone until 1am and barely have time for a shower, it shows the difference these small changes make! I read somewhere that the bathroom is what keeps us sane and I am the biggest believer in that, so give yourself some pamper time.

Maria J