summer holiday makeup essentials

When it comes to summer holidays, it simply isn’t possible for anyone to fit an entire makeup collection into a suitcase alongside all the other clothes and accessories that you will be packing.  I always just pick out a few of my favourite products to pack that I can trust to help me create lovely summery looks whilst I’m away – and I thought that I would share some of these essentials with you all!


A Beautiful Bronzer ?
On a summer holiday, many of us want to achieve a bronzed look, and not just in terms of a cheeky tan. This is why I always make sure to pack one of my trusty bronzer’s with me when I go on my travels. Whether it’s contouring or just simply brushing some bronzing powder on, this is definitely a must have to add some warmth to a look, and make you look like you weren’t hiding in the shade all day.

A Shimmery Highlighter ✨
A good highlighter is an absolute essential for me when it comes to going on a summer holiday, because although I don’t want to pile on lots of makeup in the hot weather, I do still want to create a nice, healthy glow for my skin, especially in the evenings. I have particularly loved using liquid highlighters on past holidays, and have always marvelled at how lovely they look once applied my skin once I have caught a bit of a tan. Piling on powder products in the heat is sometimes not the best for your skin, so definitely try switching your usual powders for creams or liquids.

A Colourful Eyeshadow Palette ❤
Whilst I never really wear any makeup products on my eyes during the day on holiday, of a night I just love being able to create different, colourful looks. Whenever I go away I make sure to pack a palette that is full of bright colours, and I always think that reds and oranges are perfect warm shades for the summer. Saying this, no one wants to take a huge palette with  50 shades in on their holiday, so make sure you pack a palette which also has one or two neutral shades too.

A Vibrant Lipstick ?
I absolutely love wearing lipstick at any time of year, but a summer holiday is a time when I can especially experiment with different bright colours. Lip products with red tones are always my favourite way to add a bit of glamour to a summer look, and whilst I do try and limit the amount of makeup that I take away with me, I always end up packing a few different lipsticks so I can alternate my looks. Top tip: apply your bright lipsticks after dinner – that way you wont end up with red stains all around your mouth!

In addition to all this makeup, I also love taking a broad selection of jewellery on holiday with me. There are so many pieces on the jewellerybox website that I currently love, but I’m especially obsessed with their cool, quirky earrings, as well as their anklets that will look gorgeous when worn whilst lounging in the sunshine!

What are your summer holiday makeup essentials?