five fab things about spring

It’s seemed like the longest Winter in history this year and as we’re getting hit again with minus temperatures from a Siberian blast of wind it seemed only right to try and look forward to the beginning of Spring. I’ve spied my first blossom tree flowering, hopefully the snow didn’t kill it, and the sun has had his hat on, so pull on your positive pants with me and celebrate five fab things about Spring.

1. The Official Beginning of Spring

Depending on what calendar you go by, there are two dates which will mean we’ve finally pulled ourselves out of winter and are hot footing it to warmer temperatures. If you go by the Astronomical calendar like myself then the 20th March is the day but if you go by the meteorological calendar then the 1st March is Spring and we’ve already made it. We did it guys, we did it!

2. Blossom

Are you ready for your Instagram feed to be filled with pink blossom photos? I can hardly contain my excitement! I am here for the cliché shots of fully flowered trees, ya girls newest shoes in fallen blossom and a cheeky Starbucks being held against that dreamy pink back drop.

3. Easter or Egg-Day

Mini Eggs have been in the shops since before Santa Claus climbed down the chimney but Spring brings Easter or The Day of Chocolate Eggs and that’s something to celebrate. Good Friday is the first official bank holiday of the year and before we know it, it’s all about Lindt bunnies, and as many chocolate eggs as you can manage. It’s a joyous occasion and I’ll be warming up my belly in anticipation.

4. Daffodils

The true flower of Spring, the good old Daffi! Fields and parks become awash with the familiar yellow flower and for me, that is when I know Spring is on its way and it is almost time to shed my extra layers.

5. Lighter Evenings

There’s something a bit meh about getting up when it’s dark and coming home when it’s dark. The past week or so has seen it still be light at 5pm and that means the lighter evenings are approaching and summer is on its way. Think leisurely evenings eating al fresco, cocktails or mocktails after work and long walks in the setting sun. I can almost smell the sun cream.


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