5 tips for an organised morning

I have to hand it to myself, I’ve got a pretty good track record with mornings. Yes, I went through that phase of being 15 and sleeping in until 11 am on a weekend; but overall I like to think I edge more on the side of making the most of the morning and trying not to waste the day these days. However, we’ve all gone through stages of battling the alarm clock, and if you’re currently finding yourself pushed for time of a morning then this post is for you.

“An organised morning starts the night before.”

1. My biggest morning organisation hack was taught to me by the person who basically sculpted the organised side of my brain, my Mum. Every night before school she would make sure I had my bag packed for the next day, it meant I barely ever forgot anything and it saved time the next morning. Although I’m no longer in education, this is pretty applicable to every profession there is. Even if you don’t have a conventional career like me, even as a blogger living by this rule means all of my camera equipment (there’s a lot), outfit changes and specific items I need to bring for the next day are all sorted the night before. You might go through the exact same process of checking you have everything in the morning, but doing it at a rushed speed when you’re trying to get out the door is a sure fire way to forget something.

“I’ve got nothing to wear!”

2. We’ve all said it. Even if you’re not doing anything out of the ordinary the next day, it’s always best to think about what you’re wearing beforehand, because you never know when you’re going to be hit with the dreaded feeling that you’ve worn everything before, you’ll possibly never look good again, or that top you knew you wanted to wear hasn’t been washed. Outfit planning the night before became a bed time routine for me while I was in college; the novelty of getting to wear your own clothes instead of a uniform still hadn’t worn off, I enjoyed creating the outfits in my head and making different combinations with clothes to create completely different looking outfits. Trust me,  emptying your entire wardrobe onto your floor in the morning is not the best way to start the day.

“Subtract from your evening to add to your morning”

3. This one might take a little explaining, but I’m talking time. Take some time away from your evening to add it back into the morning, aka going to bed a little bit earlier to get some extra time to yourself in the morning. I used to fall asleep at 12 and it was casing havoc to my mornings. I was too tired to function and it meant I was snoozing my clock and losing the valuable time I had. I now get into bed between 10:15 – 10:45 and read until 11, this way I’m ready to sleep after about 20 minutes of reading. Reading is something I cannot recommend enough, it means no tossing and turning time, so you’ll be ready for an earlier start without sacrificing any sleep!

“Starting the day on a full stomach”

4. This one is pretty self explanatory, or is it? How does food relate to an organised morning? Now that you’ve squeezed in a little extra time in the morning after falling asleep earlier, you’ve got time to eat. Eating something is a non-optional procedure in my morning routine, it leaves your body feeling ready for the day, energised and can easily focus. The food you eat first thing in the morning will help your brain function, meaning you’re clearheaded and less likely to forget to do things. Plus, no one wants to be doing their morning commute feeling groggy! Your mornings will be smoother and your day will ultimately be better, food is key, I mean you need it to stay alive so why would you skip breakfast?

“Know your timings”

5. The last tip is what pretty much all of the above rely on to actually work: knowing your timings. If you’re like me and you eat in the morning, you need to know roughly how long that will take. Now that you’ve planned your outfit, how long will it take you to get dressed? How many minutes is your bathroom routine going to take? Once you’ve worked out how long everything takes to do, add the minutes together and you’ve got your very own personalised alarm time. After all, if you know it takes you 20 minutes to do your makeup, why the hell are you setting your clock 25 minutes before you need to leave? We’re all guilty of it. 

So whether you have exams coming up, a dissertation due in a matter of days, or just work to get to, these tips will help you remain organised – no more morning stress!